Retirement & Beyond

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”

– Fred Rogers

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Personal Pension

Private sector pensions and the guaranteed retirement income they promise have largely gone the way of the Dodo.  But you can build your own, creating an income that will live as long as you do.

Get in touch to learn about how you can set your retirement with income for life.


Tax Mitigation

For years, you’ve been building that nest egg in your 401k or traditional IRA. You’ve worked hard, saved responsibly, and now you feel great about how much its grown! But what happens when you start taking it out in retirement? The IRS is rubbing its hands in glee…

In retirement, your largest expense won’t be housing, it won’t be medical care, or even that RV. It will most likely be taxes, especially if most of your savings are in a 401k or IRA. Not only that, but it can lead to taxation of your social security benefits.

Proper planning can mitigate the taxes you pay and this social security taxation. Both choosing appropriate tax-qualifications, as well as timing when you take money from different accounts can have a huge impact on the tax you pay.

We can help you put together a retirement plan that pays as little to Uncle Sam as possible.


Making Your Money Work For The Long Term

How should you change your investments as you near retirement? Should you be super conservative to protect what you’ve saved?  Or continue to invest aggressively to try to squeeze as much growth into the last few of your working years?

The answer is neither and both.  Get in touch to learn about a multi-tiered strategy that we use to protect the money you need right now, and aim for a higher return on money you don’t intend to access until later down the road, giving you better income in retirement.


Protect Retirement Funds Against Serious Health Care Costs

Taxes may be your largest cost in retirement, but health care comes in a close second. A serious medical issue, especially chronic issues requiring long-term care, can very easily blow up even the best retirement plans, and leave a retiree or a surviving spouse destitute and requiring welfare.

Making a long-term care plan part of your retirement plan can protect your retirement funds and help them live as long (or longer) than you do.

Learn more about long-term care insurance on our website, or schedule a visit to go over your needs.