We work with small to mid-size business owners to leverage their assets

and protect the businesses they’ve built.

Retirement & Succession Planning

One of the most common mistakes we see business owners make is putting off their own retirement planning, in anticipation of their business taking off.  Just as with salaried individuals in the workforce, prioritizing and planning for retirement holds the same importance for entrepreneurs.

There are specific tools that benefit business owners saving for retirement – we specialize in working with business owners to identify how to leverage their business value to build assets towards retirement.

On the other hand, we often see successful small businesses that lack adequate valuation, creating obstacles to business succession and transfer of ownership.

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Group Benefits

The cost of turnover, hiring and training new team members is often much higher than keeping good existing employees.

It’s more important than ever for companies to offer incentives that retain good talent, and having a solid benefit package is one of the best ways to remain a competitive employer. It’s not as expensive as you might think!

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Revenue Protection

Your business doesn’t just depend on you.¬† We evaluate business vulnerabilities to put plans in place that protect against the loss of your most valuable asset – your employees.